The Launching of our Ecotank Fleet in the Summer of 2011

We extend a big thank you, to the vessels listed below, for their continued confidence in and demand of our Ecotank services, ensuring a very successful Ecotank fleetlaunch in the Summer of 2011

AchillesLady Maria
African QueenLiberte
Alter EgoLudy
Apache IIMajestic
BageeraMichael I
Blind DateO'Khalila
Blue AttractionOnce Again
Blue MoonPaletuvier
Captain JackPantheon
DiamsPegasus II
Du CielReve
EdenRio Rita
Ellix TooSatine
EnthalpiaSerenity Atlantic
Fosse BaudoutShooting Star
GangSilaos III
GoldfingerSpirit of Cali
GrizzlySundance II
Hai VanVanquish
Happy YorkshireWild Thyme
Heartbeat of LifeWow
KintaY II
La MirageFriday
WolfLady Paonia
PiwiDiamond A
Naughty by NatureD2
IllusionThe Snapper
ShandorShamrock V
Along with vessels for Locarama and Arie de Boom.

Ecotank services offered on the following vessels in the summer of 2008, 2009 and 2010

DB9, Future, Lusso, Zem, Big Square, Long John Silver, Black Pearl, FacaReva, Icare, Jcraft, Aldalena, Sun Dance, Rim Sky, Pastagaz, Recca, No Fears, Christina, Kolaha, Lady Fish, Gap, Arcoa and Hydroptere.

Along with working on vessels for the companies Monaco Marine, Compagnie des Isles Locarama, Sessa Marine, Aquamarine and Suez.

Ecotank is a regular contributor to the CCI, FIN(La Fédération des industries nautiques) and other official forums, working to preserve our marine environment.


Ecotank is proud to be a founding partner of GIPM(Groupement d'Intervention sur les Pollutions Marines)

Together with our partners, Suez and local ports, Ecotank forms part of a rapid reaction intervention team. When a boat is in trouble in this region, Ecotank is called to remove the contaminating liquids from thedamaged vessel and surrounding water.

  • Aug 2009 – Vessel run aground. Ecotank called in to enclose and clean the area contaminated with fuel
  • Mid Aug 2009 – Vessel run aground on Îles de Lérins, Ecotank called in to remove 5000lt of fuel
  • June 2011 – After three boats burnt in Golfe Juan, Ecotank was summoned to empty the burnt boats of water, lightening their load and enabling them to be lifted out of the water without breaking up further. Once the boats were out the water, Ecotank was requested to empty the boats of their fuel.

Clean ups

Ecotank is proud to assist in voluntary marine clean ups

  • April 2010 – Harbour of Frejus “Operation Port Propre” working with the Harbour Master, Monaco Marine and SMIDEV ,Ecotank and the other volunteers assisted in the recovery of 3.6 tons of non-hazardous waste and 65kgs of hazardous waste (batteries, paint cans…). Ecotank regularly assists in voluntary clean ups of the local seas.