Our boats and fleet

Our growing fleet has been specially designed to facilitate the removal of waste from all types of pleasure boats and yachts. Almost silent, the boats are able to approach yachts in port or at anchor. Far more flexible than lorries, far more convenient than using a fixed pumping station, they are highly manoeuverable service platforms. Carrying all the necessary fittings to connect to any kind of boat as well as flexible pipes, covering and protective materials and equipment, the boats are designed to remove all the worries from this process. Equipped with their own electricity supply they can autonomously pump or can use a larger vessels systems. The boats can navigate open seas to reach boats at anchor (Iles de Lerins, for example, in front of Cannes). They can operate in port reaching the areas where other service providers are unable to operate such as finger quays, temporary docks or restricted areas.

The boat hulls have been purpose designed by our engineers and built with specially commissioned Aluminium hullsin the West of France. Then the boats are equipped in our specialist workshops near Cannes. They are designed to carry upto 4M3 of water while being safe, silent and odourless.

We are constructing one boat every month to improve the range and accessibility of our services. The boats pump up to 300 litres per minute.

We have chosen our equipment to be:

  • Antiodour
  • Anti scratch
  • Light and flexible
  • Can be adapted to all lengths of yacht
  • All fittings for all types of boats
  • Protective equipment for decks and work areas

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