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Waste water

Macro-déchets / déchets solides

Toilet or complete sanitary facility
Retention tank
Selective sorting of waste
Connection to the dock sewage system


Comfort to the port users
Reduces need to move around the port
Easy to use
Low maintenance
Customisable outer casing
Possibility of full autonomy (water, power)
Modular and movable
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Maintenance contract
Remote control
Autonomous management of power and water
Sanitary facility, floating or on dockside

Modular solution, temporary or permanent, environmentally friendly

Made of glass-fiber reinforced polyester with a GRP honeycomb sandwich structure

Selection of exterior finishes, to blend into the surroundings

Restricted or open access 24 hours

Delivered pre-installed and pre-equipped in order to minimise set-up time

Maintenance made easy with an access panel to the tank and to all equipment
Service to users

- Sanitary
Chemical toilet (standard or disabled), urinal, shower, baby changing area, sink

- Functional
living space, cabin, technical room

- Environmental
collection of waste water (toilet, sanitary), removable basin for chemical toilet, vacuum pumping system

- Convenient
can be located anywhere in the port, close to boats