Ecotank has been approached by several parties to look at special projects.

  • Discussions ongoing for providing Ecotank services on selected lakes or rivers
  • Design and construction of specialized service boats derived from our boats’ original hull design
  • Ecotank is proud to be a founding partner of GIPM (Groupement d’Intervention sur les Pollutions Marines

    Together with our partners, Suez and local ports, Ecotank forms part of a rapid reaction intervention team. When a boat is in trouble in this region, Ecotank is called to remove the bilge water or fuel from boats. Recent examples have included the servicing of several boats after a fire in Golfe Juan in summer 2011.

    Ecotank regularly assists in voluntary clean ups of the local seas.

    Ecotank was the official pumpout partner of the Cannes Film Festival in 2011. With a great number of boats in the vicinity the potential for pollution was significant. Ecotank helped relieve this pressure by providing our services to remove waste.

    Ecotank has been requested to partner with the Antibes Superyacht show 2012 to provide pumpout services and ensure that the port remains clean

    In Summer 2011 Ecotank supported Port Canto in Cannes to provide a regular pump out service for smaller boats.

    Ecotank supported the Government of Monaco in devising and installing a solar powered desalinization plant in North Africa.

    Ecotank is a regular contributor to CCI, FIN and other official forums working to preserve our maritime environment