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Ecotank was designed to make your life easier. We are placing our boats in the main ports along the French Riviera to be at your service. This will help you:

  • Be environmentaly responsible while conforming with the law.
  • When you have guests on board. Just by making a call, your closest Ecotank barge is dispatched to your location whether in port or at anchor. Our silent boat will come alongside with no intrusion on your guests' privacy. We offer quiet and odourless pumping of your tanks. We carry all the necessary connections and protective materials to ensure the job is done right.
  • Off season. After a busy season now that you have the time to catch up with your maintenance projects. We have the machinery, skills and experience to assist with those dirty jobs of cleaning and disinfecting black and grey tanks and bilges. We can help you prepare for your annual surveys, by emptying, cleaning and disinfecting the fuel tanks. We now offer Fuel Filtration by centrifugal separator and in addition by coalescence of 0.5 micron.

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Black and grey water

These rates apply if the vessel is equipped with a pump out deck fitting. In all other cases ask for a free quote.
  • Fuel filtration and tank cleaning
    Centrifugal separators and coalescence 0.5 microns
  • Destruction of bilge water and fuel
  • Pumping and cleaning of bilge and tanks
    Black, grey, fresh water, sludge & fuel
  • Steam cleaning
    Degreasing your engines, generators, bilges.
    Disinfect your tanks, bathrooms, galley, hammam & jacuzzi

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10% discount offered on package of 10 pumpouts black and grey water with payment in advance